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09, 2008 · guys who LIKE grinding wi girls are pervs and jerks. dances are usually a social ing at my school. Be careful, if you grind you can get into some pretty akd situations if you know what i mean. I know what you mean, after you grind you feel so dirty and guilty and it kills e rest of e night. So is is what I do. 30, 2008 · so me and my crush [not dating, just friends but i like him grinding at e school dance and he got a b***** it felt so weird. but i didnt want to say EW GET OFF at would make it even more weird between me and him so i acted like no ing happened after we stopped his face was kinda red girls, what would you have done about is? Feb 06, 20  · i went to a school dance and my close friend and i (we're girls) were dancing en we went tods e middle and a guy grabbed her waist from behind and ey started grinding en a guy did e same ing to me and we started grinding, so, my friend and i ended up grinding facing eacho er. ese were totally random guys by e way. And we did grind on eacho er sometimes. 23, 2007 · I accept as true wi e o ers, merely dance on your guy or woman and have some recognize for your self. do no longer issue approximately what o ers are doing. You teenagers attempt to act like a grown up and it particularly is e reason our tax money are going to pay for all e babies e highschool ladies are having. 19, 2009 · School is almost here and im going into 7 grade ere is a back to school dance. In 6 grade i liked to grind but does any one have any tips. Also at my last school dance i got yelled at 4 times for grinding do o er schools do at or is my school just very strict. Please answer. 15,  · So I'm a guy in high school. High school dances are filled wi adolescents like myself who have no idea how to dance. Songs at aren't slow dances or e macarena usually end up becoming massive grind fests. I'm not saying you aren't classy if you grind, or at I haven't grinded wi anyone myself, but I never really have taken a liking to dry humping. 14, 2006 · You are expecting to grind wi a girl at a school dance? Wow, have ings changed in years. First of all, I doubt e teachers will let you grind for too long. Second, ior high and high school boys have little control over at region yet so chances are yes you will get hard. Feb 12, 2008 · I am seeing a girl, who was grinding on a guy, or some guys (I'm not sure if it was more an one, I wasn't ere), at her school dance last weekend. I expressed dissatisfaction, and we've debated about it. I know kid's in today's world are so accustom to it and every ing being so ual, ey ink it's ok and normal, where as I see it as two people turning each o er on, and I don't like. 04,  · Yahoo Products. Jello. Jello asked in Arts & Humanities Dancing. 3 years ago. Should grinding be allowed at school dances? Answer Save. 9 Answers. Not a chance in hell would any sane adult allow grinding at School Dance. 2 0. kevin. 3 years ago. Definitely not! 1 0. Anonymous. 3 years ago. Of course it should, along wi strippers, pole. 21, 2006 · Grinding has also gained popularity at high school and middle school dances across America. e meaning is basically e same as e self-describing term bump and grind for party dancing. Elements of grinding be seen in a 1987 movie Dirty Dancing, and grinding is sometimes referred to by is term as well. 09, 2007 ·. Do you ink its ok for people to grind wi random people ey dont know at school dances? 2.Do you grind, if so do you like it or why dont you grind? 3. is is for e guys Do you ever get hard while dancing wi a girl? If so do you ever try to do some ing so a girl doesnt feel any ing? 4.For e girls if you are grinding on a guy, and lets say he gets hard do you feel lit 5.If you. Grinding is just a dance move except you are moving your hips on e boys crotch. It is kinda like having but nobody can get pregnant from it. It is not a dangerous act unless e girl or boy feels violated which is en when ey say no I would not like to grind. O erwise, it . 24, 2008 · Good for you! I ink grinding is so trashy. Just go and have a fun time, dancing how you want to dance. ere should be o er people ere who share your oughts on grinding. Don't let it stop you from enjoying high school dances, because ey can be loads of fun! 02, 2007 · grinding is basically like having on e dance floor. It's some ing y. Women bend over to show eir a*s*s a bit more and grind it fur er into e mans well you know lol. some guys get hard ons some don't. Some women it bo ers some it doesnt. Depends kind of your dating em or not. 15, 2008 · If you grind on a guy, he can't really help getting an erection. Me and a girlfriend of mine (bo of whom are in serious relationships,) were grinding wi a close male friend of ours on a boyfriend free night out a few mon s ago after having a few drinks lol, and we . 15, 2009 · Yahoo Products. L!nteK. L!nteK asked in Arts & Humanities Dancing. 1 ade ago. Grinding at e high school dance? Ok sooo I'm been a lot of ese dances and every time its grinding. As for making out at's really trashy at a school dance. No one wants to see at. But if ey want to make out wi you, you should be able to tell. , 2009 · Personally I am not a fan of it but if you really look at what you kids call grinding, it is just a new version of a dance at has been around forever. Look at parts of e lambada, look at some blues dances it's all much of e same. To my mind, grinding is a lazy person's dance. It requires no actual skill or talent at all. 09,  · After all, e behavior of students at dances, he explained in e note to parents, would never be condoned during e school day. Record defines grinding in e memo as a girl having her. 15, 2008 · I ink its appropriate for teens your age (lol, man i sound old! im only 21) to grind during dances. me and everyone i knew did at middle school and high school dances, and alot of people do it out here in teh real world at clubs. it turns some people on, and it makes o er people uncomfortable because e guy is a stranger. 28, 2008 · at like a school dance. DANCING. im not takling to my mom. and no im not gay. stfu sometimes it not feel right because you don't have a physical attraction to e o er person. to truly enjoy grinding wi a boy you need to have a mutual feeling for each o er. at could be a possibility or be ey just didn't know what ey were. 19, 2007 · also, what would you say is e best way of grinding on you girls. like what do you like. PS: is is a high school dance(we grind in like a big circle so no one can see it, lol) ive already done it before but i need you to answer my questions. 17, 20  · I'm a freshman girl in high school. Last night I went to a school dance wi a group of friends. Usually I don't grind wi guys, since it seems kind of disgusting, but last night a guy came up to me and started grinding wi me. I didn't really know what to do. I felt it'd be awkd to push him away and besides, it wasn't at bad. And almost all o er girls (typically popular ones) were. 28,  · Im a 15 year old guy. I want to start by saying i probably wont be going to any clubs are any ing, ese are school dances, parties at friends houses, or under small under 18 dances. If you were grinding/freaking wi a guy at a dance/party/rave, and you ei er didn't know him, or knew him vaguely, and you were wi him for a couple songs, how would you feel if e guy started moving his. 13, 2008 · Oh ats all e way classy, trashy would be holding hands, dancing slow, real sick sh!t. Hello my little bee babies! Wi homecoming and o er school dances on e way, I wanted to share my survival tips/advice for high school dances! I know at. 26, 2007 · I'm 14, and a girl. I don't like grinding because a) I have NO clue how, b) I find it very slightly degrading to woman - but mostly. So, any tips/pointers. If a guy asks me at our next dance I want to be able to say yes wi TOTAL confidence ra er an my normal - no, sorry, i don't do at. To top it all off, our semi is coming up and IF i get asked, im likely going to have to grind. But seriously, I ink grinding on e dance floor can be comparable to (as you put it) Elvis shaking his hips in e 50s, if it is truly just a dance move. When it comes to people who get kicked out of school dances because ey are literally having on e dance floor, en grinding . Apr 21, 2009 · Yahoo Products?? asked in Arts & Humanities Dancing. 1 ade ago. How to Grind at High School dance? So my first prom is coming up, and I really need to learn how to grind and e moves at go wi it. I am a guy. I was also wondering what you do when e girl is just shaking her but all up in my crotch, do you just do your own ing. ey don't let me into high school dances but I am all for e grinding. level. 6 points. 9 years ago. i'm not gonna say teenagers are full of hormones like all e o ers here. im just gonna say at i suck at dancing, and grinding is about all i can manage to do well. erefore, grinding is legit. Grinding, also known as juking, freak dancing or freaking (in e Caribbean, wining) is a type of close partner dance where two or more dancers rub or bump eir bodies against each o er, most often wi a female dancer rubbing her buttocks against a male dancer's crotch area. e male dancer will typically place his hands on e female dancer's waist, hips, or buttocks. Feb 09, 2008 · Avoid distraction while studying at home or at school, just concentrate on e ing at you do at e time you are doing. Build a carrier, you comes but once take full advantage of it. Study hard, play some enjoy friendship, and en at age 30 or 40 or 50, if still unattached en try e sites like. jivansa Feb 18,  · Grinding happens en masse at high school dances rough out e country. It happens at my niece’s Ca olic school. It happens at my friend’s dhter’s Jewish camp. 29,  · Im a 15 year old guy. I want to start by saying i probably wont be going to any clubs are any ing, ese are school dances, parties at friends houses, or under small under 18 dances. If you were grinding/freaking wi a guy at a dance/party/rave, and you ei er didn't know him, or knew him vaguely, and you were wi him for a couple songs, how would you feel if e guy started moving his. 24, 20  · When I grind, I definitely don't do it right in front of my teachers, I have to see em 5 days a week.. at's just awkd.. And I don't grind at heavily..if I wanted to have, I'd just go have. But grinding is fun, as long as you don't get too carried away. So, before going to my high school's homecoming dance, I viewed grinding at school dances as gross (I was mentally scarred as a freshman when I first saw it) and I viewed girls who danced as skanks. However, at e homecoming dance sophomore year, my hormones were running rampant and I ided to abandon my past views and just cave in to e. Grinding at school dances. Discuss. By Tracy Ormsbee on February 22, 20 at 1:30 PM. Grinding is for peppercorns and coffee beans. Not school dances! Let’s talk about grinding.

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